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Social Purpose Corporation

A social purpose corporation is a type of for-profit entity in WA state that enables corporations to consider social or environmental issues in decision making instead of relying only on profit-maximizing goals.



Tipsy Gypsy is dedicated to doing our part to protect and preserve our environment.  We use biodegradable products and we work on recovering these products correctly so that they are properly disposed of.  A ‘no waste” event is our goal!

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Tipsy Gypsy wraps their arms around a few causes here in Jefferson County. We are committed to helping women in need, homelessness and hunger. By donating regularly and having fundraisers we help our community strive for a better human experience.

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Tipsy Gypsy is committed to stellar customer service.  We will always shoot you straight, operate with high integrity, and pass on value and savings to our customers. We commit to go ABOVE AND BEYOND!



Tipsy Gypsy is committed to treating our employees fair and having fun!  Work-life balance is very important to every soul and we take our employee’s lives seriously!  One should never work more than they play! We are committed to freedom and flexibility!

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Business Partners

Tipsy Gypsy is very committed to serving our partners in our community.  We buy local, use local and promote local businesses in our community.  “It takes a village” does not fall on deaf ears!

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